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MassFinder 4

In September 2008 the new version MassFinder 4 has been released.

Please follow to our new wiki-based website where you will find the complete online manual, beginner's tutorial and a lot more of information about MassFinder and the Terpenoids Library:

massfinder.net: A wiki-based website about MassFinder 4

MassFinder 4 is a software tool to visualise and interpret GC/MS data by comparing mass spectra with a mass spectral library. MassFinder allows you to identify peaks, assign names to these peaks and produce reports of which compounds are present in the GC/MS run.

Further, MassFinder enables you to create and employ your own mass spectral libraries. MassFinder is of interest for everyone involved with GC/MS analysis and will greatly enhance your productivity. MassFinder was developed in context of essential oil research and is still bundled with the unique Terpenoids Library.

Development of Customised Software

We are specialised on the development of scientific software tailor-made for individual customers. We focus on mass spectrometry, gas chromatography, nmr spectroscopy and related scientific data.

Analytical laboratories employing our software tools profit from significantly increased efficiency due to our highly convenient and intuitive user interfaces, accurate and reliable evaluation and quantification algorithms, and our in-depth analytical consulting and chemical insight.

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